“The state is on notice that the defendant [Ed Underwood] has a propensity or history of committing sexual harassment . . . .” (legal expert Megan Kau)

Sign the petition: "Sexual Harassment/Assault is NOT OKAY . . . Remove Ed Underwood from his position NOW!"

Is Hawaii's Civil Service system so broken that incompetents, bullies and sexual preditors can't be fired? Why isn't HGEA stepping in to protect its members and residents from the likes of Underwood?


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An open letter to Governor Josh Green and DLNR chair, Dawn N. S. Chang:

Aloha Governor Green and Chair Chang,

Hawaii News Now and the the Star Advertiser have just posted articles detailing State of Hawaii employee Edward Underwood's sexual harassment/assault of a female colleague at the DLNR's Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation offices in Honolulu.

Sexual harassment in the workplace -- especially in a State of Hawaii office environment -- is unacceptable to the people of Hawaii and, hopefully, to yourselves.

Now that we know that Mr. Underwood ". . . has a propensity or history of committing sexual harassment . . .” (Megan Kau, legal expert), we respectfully request that you remove Mr. Underwood from his post before he does any more harm to fellow State of Hawaii employees and/or to the people of Hawaii.


Katherine Lindell, editor
Hawaii Ocean News


Sign the petition:

Sexual harassment in Hawaii's governmental offices -- or in ANY workplace in Hawaii -- is NOT okay . . . we demand that DLNR employee, Ed Underwood, be removed from his position with the state immediately.

Underwood, with a long history of bullying, retaliation, lying and harassment of Hawaii's boaters and surfers, has been at the center of a scheme to privatize Public Trust Lands and place them in the hands of for-profit big-money interests.  Now, a woman colleague in his office is accusing him of sexual harassment and assault  . . . ENOUGH!

Petition Link:  https://chng.it/TTQGH9HKKP

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