Cat Burglar Video Signals Ongoing Crime Problems in the State’s Public Harbor System

Cat Burglar Caught on Video as Harbor Crime Remains a Concern

Despite $2,578,010 in Surplus Revenues from the Ala Wai Harbor Alone, State's DLNR Still Can't Provide Security

A boater at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor recently shared this surveillance video with us of a repeat offender cat burglar pilfering tools, etc. from his cockpit . . . and then grabbing a bag of chips on the way out.  

An increasing number of boaters in the Ala Wai are becoming alarmed at the soaring crime rates there and have begun to install surveillance cameras on board.  This is a recent video from one of those cams.

The Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor reports a surplus revenue last year of $2,578,010.45.  Rather than use this money to do much needed upgrades in this harbor, the State's DLNR has chosen to subsidize its eleven failing harbors operating in the red with surplus revenues from tenants at the Ala Wai and the other two public harbors that are operating in the black.  Rather than increase rates at failing harbors so as to reflect demand and so that they are at least breaking even, the DLNR strategy is to simply bilk tenants at profitable harbors to cover for failed harbors statewide.

As if this wasn't enough, tenants at the Ala Wai Small Boat harbor, the single most profitable public harbor in the State, will again be expected to cough up another 100% increase in fees (in addition to a still-unexplained 1000% increase in electrical fees for non-HECO monitored slips) if the current DLNR proposal is passed, making the Ala Wai a kind of welfare donor for the eleven other State of Hawaii harbors that are non-performers.


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