UPDATE! Hawaii’s Public Called to Action Over Legislation That Will Steal Public Lands

UPDATE! Who to Contact and How to Contact Them

UPDATE, we now have over 450 signatures on the Petition OPPOSING S.B. 1257 and H.B. 1032.  We will be delivering the Petition today to the Conferees on S.B. 1257 today but you can still sign by CLICKING HERE.  We will use it again if and when conference is held on H.B. 1032.

:  House Conferees on S.B. 1257 have been assigned, so the full Committee has now been assembled and will likely convene within days.

and tell them you OPPOSE BOTH S.B. 1257 and H.B. 1032.  These Bills pave the way for the DLNR to SELL OUR PUBLIC LANDS to private corporations by leasing of all fast and submerged lands within our PUBLIC HARBORS "in their entirety."  S.B. 1257 is the first step in "clearing out" the Harbors for privatization and commercialization, by raising boating fees and live-aboard fees far beyond what any average person in Hawaii can afford.

Below is the full updated list.  Note: Senator Keith-Agaran was added, so please make sure to call him also.  Mahalo for your support!
House Conferees:
Rep. Ryan Yamane:  808-586-6150
Rep. Chris Todd:  808-586-8480
Rep. Cynthia Thielen: 808-586-6480
Senate Conferees (updated): 
Senator Keith-Agaran: 808-856-7344
Senator Sharon Moriwaki:  808-586-6740 
Senator Kaiali'i Kahele (Chair):  808-586-6760
Senator Kurt Fevella:  808-586-6360
Emails for Copying/Pasting


Please join us in opposing these bills, and ones like them, forever.  Please sign the petition below and let your voice be heard (Please Note: iPetitions.com provides this service to us for free.  When you submit your signature, it will as for a donation.  This is entirely voluntary and will not affect your entry):

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Caesar Lani
Caesar Lani
5 years ago

Hey that parking lot has been that way for ever just leave it alone for the local community