Finally: Hawaii Boat Owners Uniting, Working Together to Improve Boating for Everyone

Fishermen, Sailors, Divers, Pleasure Boaters Come Together for a Better Boating Future in Hawaii


Hawaii Boat Owners United (HBOU) has a brand new website and invites all members of the boating community to come visit, share, talk story, and help inform our legislators to pass supportive legislation.

The HBOU is made up of people who love boating in whatever form. In the absence of input from boaters, lawmakers don't have the input necessary to make informed decisions about how their legislation impacts the ocean recreation community. Uninformed legislation could be disastrous for local boaters and, in some cases, for the entire community. HBOU is a vehicle for uniting boaters.

We've very recently had a number of scares come out of the legislature and the DLNR.  House Bill 1032 and Senate Bill 1257, legislation that would have made life considerably more difficult for boaters in Hawaii, especially average-income boaters who are on a budget. This legislation nearly got through the legislature had it not been for a few dedicated boater activists. The bills were, for all intent and purposes, defeated as a result of these boaters informing legislators about how this kind of legislation would have hurt Hawaii boaters. There are still more rules changes coming, like, for example, the HAR Chapter 13-234 rules package that could negatively impact boating in Hawaii.

We encourage everyone to visit HBOU's new website and become part of the solution. HBOU: a good place to share, learn, and work together to make a better future for Hawaii's ocean recreation community.


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