If Hawaii Governor David Ige Signs This Bill, Expect New Era of Privatization of Public Lands & Assets

An Open Letter to Hawaii Governor David Y. Ige

Hundreds Sign/Comment on Petition in Opposition to HB1032, The Privatization of the Public Harbor at Manele Bay

An open letter to Hawaii Governor David Y. Ige 
(This testimony has been published and meant to be a permanent record for public review, on the Hawaii Ocean News website)


Testimony of KATHERINE LINDELL, Editor, Hawaii Ocean News

Before the Governor of the State of Hawaii, David Y. Ige

Transmission: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 1: 15 PM

Honolulu, Hawaii

In consideration of: HOUSE BILL 1032  (NOTE: Petition wherein whose signatories are IN OPPOSITION TO HB1032, can be viewed here. Please take a moment to read some of the hundreds of comments therein.   This same petition has also been attached to our communication directly to your office)


State Boating Facilities; DLNR; Manele Small Boat Harbor

Description: Establishes a state boating facility lease pilot program to allow the Board of Land and Natural Resources to lease Manele Small Boat Harbor in its entirety, and fast land and submerged lands within it. (HB1032 CD1)


To our honorable Governor, David Y. Ige:

Aloha, and thank you for taking a moment to consider our testimony.

May it be made crystal clear here that we STRONGLY OPPOSE the signing into law of House Bill 1032.

After a fair bit of research, it is still not entirely clear as to how this kind of legislation could have ever gotten started in Hawaii’s legislative chambers.  The very notion of privatizing State of Hawaii public lands and assets is so obnoxious and such a snub to the trust that Hawaii’s people put in our lawmakers, that it is an unconscionable option. That this legislation has made it this far, to your desk, for signing, bespeaks, perhaps, of something unsettling, hidden just out of sight, in the chambers of Hawaii’s state government.

Through their vote, the people of Hawaii have expressed a trust in you, and all of our lawmakers and, by extension, agency heads, to properly manage the precious public heirlooms that are owned by all of us: our public lands and public assets.  To cede these public assets and lands to private, for-profit interests, without the permission of the people to whom they belong, is a vile betrayal -– surely, not a single Hawaii resident would approve.  Not one.

Governor Ige, There is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for privatizing Lanai's Manele Bay public harbor.  None.  This harbor has consistently been a profitable harbor for the State of Hawaii, showing $93,148 in profit as of the last viewable accounting period.  The harbor has been well managed over the years and has been a main port for, not only the recreational boaters of Lanai, but for visiting boats from other islands and from overseas.  In short, there is no reason to change something that is working perfectly.

Accordingly, handing Manele Bay Public Harbor over to private interests sends a clear message to the people of Hawaii: ‘Those of us in power have a different agenda than yours, one that will go unspoken, but nonetheless shall go forward!’

The approval, or not, of HB1032, Governor Ige, will be your legacy.  It will be how you will be remembered forever in the hearts of the people of Hawaii.  An approval of this Bill will set a precedent that will launch us into a future that will surely exclude the average Hawaii resident and make the State into nothing more than a giant amusement park for the rich.

Governor Ige, WE STRONGLY OPPOSE HB1032.

Thank you for allowing us this testimony.

Very sincerely,

Katherine Lindell, Editor
Hawaii Ocean News


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The public has until June 24, 2019 to write to the governor and express opposition to HB1032:  CLICK HERE



In a previous article we cited Lanai's Manele Bay privatization attempt by misguided legislators not paying attention to the will of the people.  Below, we ask that you add your name to the growing number of residents who oppose the act of privatization of public lands and assets.





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