Ala Wai Principal Habitation Permittees’ Contribution to Area Safety; Suggested Nominee for Outstanding Citizen Award

Ala Wai Residents' Public Safety Contributions Highlighted in Community Service Nominations

Recognition for Years Long Crime Watch Collaboration with the Honolulu Police Department along with Persistent Surveillance and Monitoring Enhance's Region's Safety for Nearby Businesses, Residents, and Visitors

We are very proud to announce the submission of our nominees for the legislature's "Outstanding Community Contributors" award, 2021.  On June 7, 2021, Senator Sharon Moriwaki  announced that she, along with the Hawaii State Legislature, is soliciting nominees for the "Outstanding Community Contributors" award, ordinary citizens making extraordinary community contributions to Senator Moriwaki's Waikiki district. 

Below we've reproduced our full message to Senator Moriwaki:

Aloha Senator Moriwaki,

Thank you for raising awareness about community service here in your district. 

We at Hawaii Ocean News would like to nominate the principal habitation permittee liveaboard boaters at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor for their conspicuous and persistent contribution to crime prevention within that sector of your district. 

Over the years they have formed neighborhood watch teams that have included the presence of a Honolulu Police Department officer, have maintained a crime-watch vigilance, confronted would-be thieves, drug addicts and dealers, and homeless individuals squatting illegally on tenant boats. 

The effect of their persistent vigilance has spilled over into the surrounding business, residential and tourist areas in your district making the latter a safer more crime-free area.  We urge you to contact the Honolulu Police Department for verification.

Please confirm your inclusion of our nominees.   Thank you.

HON Staff,

Hawaii Ocean News


This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the considerable public safety contributions made by the legal residents of the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor in Senator Moriwaki's district.

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