The Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor Beautification Project ― An Open Letter to Hawaii’s Leaders

Hawaii suffers from dull leadership ― bright, next gen leaders will be willing to think out of the box to find solutions for the community

Dullard leadership is killing Hawaii

This is an open letter to Sen. Sharon Moriwaki, Rep. Adrian Tam, DLNR Chair, Suzanne Case, and DoBOR Administrator, Ed Underwood

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Aloha Sen. Moriwaki, Rep. Tam, Suzanne Case, and Ed Underwood,

During  our walk-through of the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor this past weekend, its boaters have convinced us that there is a simple fix for the worn and weary sight that this harbor presents to the world. 

Here is a brief video (same as above) assembled by our talented multimedia people about the Ala Wai's Beautification Project. (By the way, coming soon, a full-length documentary, "Selling Paradise")  I'm sure you'll agree that there is nothing quite as transformative to any property as flowers and greenery.   Envision a gateway to each vessel pier decorated in greenery and flowers ― what a wonderful message to visitors worldwide: "Hawaii's consciousness is next level!"  The "Gateway to Waikiki" is beginning its transformation right now!  You can join in by encouraging and incentivizing vessel owners to get creative in their displays and set up guidelines so as to encourage quality presentations. 

The next step is to restore those horrible and insecure dock boxes around the harbor, especially on the street piers.  Restore them so that boaters can secure them properly, and then have colorful motifs painted on them, much the same as we see on electrical boxes on some of our street corners now.

If you really are truly interested in beautifying the "Gateway to Waikiki"  then you'll need to think out of the box . . . are you up for it?  Just imagine for a moment . . . leadership that thinks out of the box and develops solutions that are actually beneficial to the community it serves.

Another suggestion: why not reopen the Texaco dock area at the end of the 700-row at the AWSBH?  At one time, this was a vibrant community center for the surrounding area including visitors and condo renters in the surrounds.  By doing this, you reopen the feeling of community inclusiveness in that section of Waikiki as well as much needed fuel and pump out resources.  Why not reopen it to the public.  Your "cash cow" idea failed miserably, cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and deprived the some 1,000 boats in the area of a desperately needed fuel dock and a pump out station for on-board sanitation tanks, the latter ending up encouraging still more deadly MRSA infections amongst swimmers, surfers, divers, and boaters in the area.

We can do this right now . . . together.  Please stay in touch with us concerning your progress in being a part of this solution.


Staff @ Hawaii Ocean News

P.S.  Representative Tam, why have you been so quiet about solutions for this section of your district?  Tom Brower hid too . . .  that's why the people elected you.


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