Is Hawaii’s very broken government now endangering the lives of its residents and the very fabric of our community?

Sunday, August 29, 2021, New Covid-19 Infections: Island Nation of New Zealand: 83; Island State of Hawaii: 1,678

This is not the time to entertain a toxic government

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Today, August 29, 2021:

New Covid-19 cases:

Island nation of New Zealand:  83

Island state of Hawaii: 1,678

Population of New Zealand:  4.917 million people

Population of Hawaii: 1.416 million people

% of population in New Zealand vaccinated:  23%

% of population of Hawaii vaccinated:  64%


DoBOR's Underwood and the DLNR's Suzanne Case have been presiding over an irresponsible Covid-19 response

Underwood, unapologetically, has presided over an irresponsible Covid-19 response affecting a dozen offices Statewide resulting in the further spread of this disease. And nothing has changed, even today, after the news of 1,678 more people becoming infected. 

Suzanne Case, the would-be environmentalist and Underwood's boss, hasn't lifted a finger to change her department's Covid response, has presided over years of slow-motion responses to protracted oil and diesel fuel spills in our harbors, has done nothing about the rampant MRSA infections caused by the raw human waste that regularly pollutes some of the coastlines of Oahu, and has done virtually nothing to stem the flow of tons of plastic effluence that flows into our surrounding ocean via our streams and canals.  And yet our part-time and sometimes-inebriated (see our upcoming exposé) legislature continues to bless her tenure.


Part time government operatives and a dodgy AG's office leave residents exposed

Hawaii's government is severely broken, with critical government players like Lt. Governor, Josh Green, and nearly the entire legislature, treating their positions as if they were side hustles.

With an attorney general like Clare Connors, and her band of incompetent deputies, frozen comatose with apathy over government legal abuses, the people of Hawaii are left completely exposed to government sponsored fraud (now in progress), illegal rules changes, and backdoor attempts by third-party multinational corporations to manipulate government operatives to privatize publicly owned properties and assets.

Division heads like DoBOR's Ed Underwood, with years of documented fraud, chronic on-the-record lying, and a chronicled history of retaliation against the likes of now-mayor of Hawaii, Mitch Roth, are allowed to persist within Hawaii's government because of the State's inability to police itself. The consequences to some of our residents has been catastrophic.



Hawaii's government has become dangerous to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Hawaii.  We now have two choices:  1) we can sit back and take no responsibility for what's happening, which translates into no responsibility for our Keikis' future; or  2) we can stand up and take responsibility for how our State is governed.  The latter will require us to be proactive -- take time out of our day and become participants.

One thing is for sure . . .  sit back, and many more people are going to get hurt.

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